WomBall 2021


The Wombles are wombling free at the moment, this page will be updated once they're back and we can provide more information for WomBall. Have a read on to see everything you need to know for now! Meet our committee here.

  • Who?
    • You, the lovely SSAGO members.
  • What?
    • Your ball for 2021! Along with the rescheduled City of Steel Ball we're ready to bring you a brilliant year.
  • When?
    • WomBall will take place in September 2021, provisionally Saturday 11th. After careful consideration committee has decided that it would not benefit SSAGO members to host the event as usual in April. Our provisional date allows us to avoid rescheduled events in the summer holidays, SSAGO events and means members can travel to Ball with their clubs.
  • Where?
    • Birmingham of course! SSAGO is coming back to Brum, you didn't think you'd get away that easily did you?
  • Why?
    • Is table wine a good enough reason?

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.